Our Impact

Teachers, staff, students’ families, alumni, neighbors, and community members join forces to invest in our students. Our combined involvement builds a strong school to support every student. It takes a village!

Here is a snapshot of our PTA’s recent contributions:

Equipping students with unique classroom supplies and instruction such as

  • an annual teacher stipend for classroom supplies
  • rugs, yoga mats, bike fleet accessories, intervention specialist classroom materials
  • a local Minneapolis artist sponsored to discuss graphic design with students participating in yard sign design competition

Collaborating at school events:

  • open house
  • annual state of the school + flu clinic
  • cultural night
  • family fun night/spring festival
  • different cultural parent/family days (African American, Native American, Asian American Pacific Islander, Latin@/Latinx
  • family theater night

Providing student supports:

  • busing for field trips
  • flowers/food for monthly Bulldogs of the Month Ceremony (when the events were in person)

Supporting Teachers and Staff:

  • breakfast for first staff meeting at the beginning of the school year
  • staff team building/engagement – game product/accessories
  • teacher appreciation donations/gifts
  • unique office supplies for classroom lessons and projects such as large poster paper and ink
  • Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month book table and AAPI children’s book raffle giveaway

Benavides - 214 Wish List

Class set glue sticks
Class set scissors
Class set clipboards
Teacher scissors
Tape dispenser
First aid supplies
Books (K-4 levels)
2-3 sensory items (fidgets, sand, etc.)
Bins (small-medium bins for materials like paper, blocks, tiles, etc.)