What does the PTA do with the money raised?

The PTA distributes funds around our 3 commitments:

  • building a strong school community
  • increasing engagement
  • providing academic and enrichment support.

We invite teachers and staff to apply for PTA funds throughout the school year. Examples of things we have funded include classroom supplies, field trips, guest speakers, and special school events. Our impact section offers highlights of specific collaborations.

Coffee & Hot Cocoa Fundraiser | Winter

Welcome to our annual Winter Bryn Mawr Coffee Sale!  We offer the highest quality organic coffees and hot cocoa at amazing prices! The coffee is roasted right here in NE Minneapolis at B&W Coffee. B&W Coffee is a local “micro-roaster” (a small batch coffee roaster) committed to fair trade practices.

Plant Sale Fundraiser | Spring

Welcome to our annual Spring Bryn Mawr Plant Sale! We offer high-quality, locally grown plants from Glacial Ridge Growers (Glenwood, MN) that are FREE of insecticides, herbicides, and genetically modified seeds. Glacial Ridge Growers are butterfly and bee-friendly, using NO neonicotinoids in their greenhouse operation and only sourcing  suppliers who use no “neonics.” In addition, they offer an extensive selection of pollinator plants. This is no ordinary plant sale. We have the garden basics as well as some unusual cultivars, including seedling perennials, heirloom tomatoes, rain garden plants, and patio-friendly vegetables. Even if you are a loyal supporter of another plant sale, with 140 varieties, we know you will find something you like!

Spirit Wear | Ongoing

Looking for a unique gift for that special someone in your life?  Need matching outfits for that upcoming family reunion or holiday photo? We got you (and them) covered!

Benavides - 214 Wish List

Class set glue sticks
Class set scissors
Class set clipboards
Teacher scissors
Tape dispenser
First aid supplies
Books (K-4 levels)
2-3 sensory items (fidgets, sand, etc.)
Bins (small-medium bins for materials like paper, blocks, tiles, etc.)