What does it mean to be a PTA member?

A PTA member is any person who is part of the “community” of Bryn Mawr Community School (teacher, staff, student, a family member of a student, alumnus, neighbor, community member… basically anyone) who wants to join forces with others to invest in and impact our students. Being part of the PTA looks different for each person. Explore opportunities for engagement by visiting our Get Involved section. You can always contact us with questions/concerns/ideas.

What is the time commitment of being a PTA member?

There is no minimum time commitment and participation is based on each person’s comfort level and availability. Whatever time commitment you choose, there’s a place for you at the PTA.  Our combined involvement impacts our school and students.  It takes a village! Everyone is welcome at our monthly PTA meetings, but attending is not a requisite to being part of the PTA.

How often does the PTA meet?

The PTA meets during the school year on the second Tuesday of each month, from 6:00-7:30 pm. We meet online using a video chat app that you can access via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Please join our meeting using this link

  You can also access these meetings by dialing in with your phone:
     Dial in   +1 312 626 6799
     Meeting ID  826 1648 1043
     Passcode: 541774
Do you offer ASL or other language translation at PTA meetings?

Unfortunately, we currently do not. While our meetings are in English, we recognize our Bulldog families communicate in a multitude of languages. If you would like to request translation for a PTA meeting, please contact us.

Do I have to be a PTA member to volunteer at PTA-sponsored events?

No, but… our definition of PTA member is expansive, general, and generous. Therefore, anyone who is part of the “community” of Bryn Mawr Community School (teacher, staff, student, a family member of a student, neighbor, community member… basically anyone) and volunteers at a PTA-sponsored event is by definition part of the PTA. Got commitment issues and leery of becoming a member of an organization? No worries! Please keep showing up, and we promise not to call you a member or make you learn the non-existent membership handshake.

Are there membership dues?

No. Our PTA does not collect dues.

Ok, so it's free to join. But do I have to sell stuff to be part of the PTA?

Again, no. The PTA does host fundraisers throughout the year. We typically have a winter coffee/tea/hot chocolate fundraiser and our spring plant sale fundraiser. People self-select if they want to participate in our fundraisers.

Where does the PTA get the money to fund events, items, and experiences for the students?

First, as mentioned above, we host fundraisers. Our largest fundraiser is the annual plant sale. We’re grateful for the many community members/neighbors who purchase from us and volunteer at it every year. Second, the PTA also writes grants and solicits donations. As the local community school, our school benefits from the strong support of our surrounding community! We’re grateful for the generosity of partners like BMNA (Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association), Cuppa Java, Bryn Mawr Pizza, Nativ3 Digital Marketing & Web Design, and Siwek Lumber (to name just a few!) Third, Individuals can donate financially online, utilize employee corporate matching, direct their amazon smile account to PTA Minnesota Congress Bryn Mawr Elementary PTA, or submit Box Tops online.

What does the PTA do with the money?

PTA funds are distributed around our 3 commitments: (1) building a strong school community, (2) increasing engagement, and (3) providing academic and enrichment support. We invite teachers and staff to apply for PTA funds throughout the school year. Examples of things we have funded include classroom supplies, field trips, guest speakers, and special school events. Our impact section offers highlights of specific collaborations.

My family is transferring to Bryn Mawr Community School or just moved into the neighborhood. How can I connect to a current Bryn Mawr Community parent to get their perspective of the school?

Welcome to our school! You are not alone. In the fall of 2021, our student population is growing by 33%. There will be many new faces: new teachers, new students, and new families like yours! Contact us to get connected to a Bulldog Ambassador. A Bulldog Ambassador is a family member of a current Bryn Mawr student and will happily answer your questions. Also, check out the information in our “Future Bulldog” section.

My child/grandmother/partner/boss/mail carrier’s birthday is coming up – how can I buy us matching Bryn Mawr Bulldog hoodies?

You have a good eye for fashion!  Check out and purchase Bulldog spirit wear in our online store.

Benavides - 214 Wish List

Class set glue sticks
Class set scissors
Class set clipboards
Teacher scissors
Tape dispenser
First aid supplies
Books (K-4 levels)
2-3 sensory items (fidgets, sand, etc.)
Bins (small-medium bins for materials like paper, blocks, tiles, etc.)