Who are we?

Our name is deceptively simple. We are the Parent Teacher Association of Bryn Mawr Community School, but we are much more. We are parents and teachers and we’re also the staff, family members (aunties, uncles, grandparents, siblings) of students, alumni, neighbors, and community members invested in impacting the lives of Bryn Mawr Community students. In short, the PTA is an essential part of the “community” of Bryn Mawr Community School. Learn about our leadership.

The Bryn Mawr PTA
is committed to

building a strong school community

that enriches each child’s learning experience and embraces the diversity of our school, families, and community.

increasing engagement

across families, teachers, and staff to build meaningful connections. Our monthly PTA meetings are an opportunity to hear from and connect with our Principal and build relationships with other families.

providing academic and enrichment support.

We accomplish this through a variety of fundraisers and volunteer opportunities.

Benavides - 214 Wish List

Class set glue sticks
Class set scissors
Class set clipboards
Teacher scissors
Tape dispenser
First aid supplies
Books (K-4 levels)
2-3 sensory items (fidgets, sand, etc.)
Bins (small-medium bins for materials like paper, blocks, tiles, etc.)